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The Beginning of Working online

Now any person for whom isn’t indifferent the own wellbeing will be able to use my experience and knowledge in that measure in which he will solve for himself.

Start of an advertising campaign

Development of the project has to be performed harmoniously. Therefore any actions which lead to growth and increasing of an efficiency will always be in the focus of attention.

Increasing Chats and Groups at the social media

Developing of the alternative sources of communication strengthens interrelations and forms unity of the achieving objectives.

Bounty program

Why not? It is useful both for for the project and for all participants. Many were looked forward for this program. Give a warm welcome! The Bounty program from Sola!

Set up of Payments of the Other Currencies

Provision of the alternative investing ways and increasing of the payment systems list. It promotes of the activity growing and gives much more great opportunities for the best choice.

Monthly Work Report

Awareness. It is very important point. Provision to investors of detailed and reliable information will give the chance more precisely and effectively to adjust investment activity.

Providing of additional language versions of the website

Expansion of borders and providing the greatest possible convenience to performance of any investment actions. This even in a bigger measure is promoted by localisation in additional languages of my website.

It is the My Promo video

I believe that one of the best ways to get acquainted with me, is to watch video about how I form concepts of investment and interaction with investors. There is a lot of useful information here.

Global advertising program

The globality of common interests generates need of the global thinking and developing. Therefore I believe that the greatest possible world extension of our advertising program it is the best solution at this stage of the project development.